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Meridian Library District will be updating our search catalog in the coming months. We want to give you an opportunity to try our new search catalog early and explore new features! Click here to find the same great content on a new platform. Need some help getting used to the new search catalog features? Look for the How Do I? FAQ or ask a staff member to assist you. Happy searching! 

Library News

NEW! Digital Content Coming in October

Fall is here and as the leaves and weather change, so too do our digital content offerings. Here’s the scoop on what we’ll have available beginning in October.

Updates to our digital collection

The Meridian Library District’s digital offerings will look a bit different this fall. We are making a couple of shifts to more effectively address our community’s interests for digital content. 

Service updates coming June 1

With recent updates to public health guidelines and local advisories, the Meridian Library District will scale up in-building services after Memorial Day weekend.