Library Director and Trustees Attend Ada County Board of Commissioners Meeting

February 16, 2023

Today, Meridian Library Director Nick Grove and Board of Trustees Megan Larsen and Jeff Kohler attended the Board of Ada County Commissioners meeting where a petition for the dissolution of Meridian Library District was on the agenda. The petition was signed by 94 county residents. 

At the meeting the Commissioners verified the petition, confirmed the signatures, and stated that they will announce in seven days if there will be a hearing.

“We are disappointed that a small contingency in Ada County wants to dissolve the Meridian Library District,” stated director Nick Grove. “While we wait for the determination on the next steps, our library staff will continue to provide the excellent programming and assistance Meridian has embraced for the past 99 years.”

The Meridian Library District continues to be a place for connection, community and innovation. Last year, over 1 million items were checked out of the library, approximately 30,000 people attended our events, and over 700 programs were held.

“These numbers are real examples of the impact this District has in the community,” said MLD Board of Trustee Chair Megan Larsen. “We will continue to serve the community and be a place that represents and accepts all people, providing opportunities to find representation of themselves and to learn about others.” 

The Meridian Library District encompasses four locations and serves Meridian, one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho. This spring, we are opening our fifth location, Orchard Park, at the southeast corner of Chinden Blvd (Hwy 20/26) and Linder Rd. We look forward to welcoming the community to this new and inclusive space.