Name Type Last Updated
Code of Conduct Use of the Library
Code of Conduct Addendum Use of the Library
Collection Development Meridian History Materials Library Information
Collection Development Policy Library Information
Conflict of Interest Policy Library Information
Displays and Exhibits Facilities and Services
Fabrication Policy Facilities and Services
Financial Policy Library Information
Gifts & Sponsorship Policy Library Information
Interlibrary Loan Policy Facilities and Services
Internet Access Policy Use of the Library
Lending Guidelines Policy Use of the Library
Meeting Room Policy Facilities and Services
Naming Opportunities Policy Facilities and Services
Photography Policy Library Information
Privacy & Confidentiality Policy Library Information
Public Records Requests Use of the Library
Record Retention Policy Library Information
Service Charges & Fees Use of the Library
Social Media Policy Use of the Library
Unattended Youth Policy Use of the Library
Volunteer Policy Use of the Library
Whistleblower Policy Library Information