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Resident Library Card Free
Non-resident Library Card $150.001 per year for a household;
$60.002 per year for Seniors and Military (55+ and active duty military and veterans*)
Charge for lost or damaged items List price + $5.00 per item processing fee
Partial processing fee (includes items with a list price of $5 or less)   $2.50 per item
Charge for accounts sent to collections $12.00
Charges for unclaimed materials and late cancellations on interlibrary loans (see Interlibrary Loan Policy) $4.00 per item

$150.00 total price includes $141.00 sales price plus $9.00 Idaho sales tax.
$60.00 total price includes $56.40 sales price plus $3.60 Idaho sales tax.

* Proof of military service may include active military ID or veteran ID cards issued by the DOD.

Materials borrowed from Meridian Library District's collections are not subject to overdue fines. Materials borrowed from other LYNX libraries are subject to the fine policies of the lending library. 



Desktop Computer & Internet use          Free
Black and white prints or copies $0.10 per page*
Color prints or copies $0.25 per page*
Large format prints $3.00 per linear foot
Vinyl sheets $2.00 per sheet
Card stock $0.10 per sheet
CNC & laser materials Cost and materials vary based on availability
3D printing
  • Tier 1: $0.05 per unit
  • Tier 2: $0.10 per unit
  • Tier 3: $0.15 per unit
  • Tier 4: $0.20 per unit
  • Tier 5: $0.25 per unit

Tier based on the library's cost to purchase material.
Unit defined as: 

  • Grams (g) for fused filament
  • Milliliters (ml) for resin
Vacuum Former $2.00 per sheet
  • 3mm film = $2.00 per linear foot
  • 10mm film = $5.00 per linear foot
  • $1.00 per page for 8.5" x 11"
32 GB Micro SD or Flash Drive $10.00
Scanning Free
Digital fax service Free
Notary Service Free, subject to availability
Test proctoring Free, subject to availability
MLD Branded Merchandise Cost and materials vary based on availability

* The first 3 black and white pages or the first color computer printed page are free each day.


Meeting rooms are available at Cherry Lane, Orchard Park, and unBound branches. Subject to availability and terms as set in the Meeting Room Policy. Please see rates and reservation information on our website (


In most cases, no fee will be charged for examining or copying public records. Depending upon the nature of the request, the character and volume of public records requested, and the staff time expended in responding, fees may be assessed pursuant to Idaho Code Sections 74-101 through 74-126. Please see Meridian Library’s Access to Public Records Policy on our website for more information.


Refunds may be issued for lost item charges upon return of the material(s) and request by the patron. Processing and account collection fees are non-refundable. Refunds for all other goods and services may be issued at the discretion of the Library Director, or designee.


Idaho sales tax of 6% is included, where applicable, in the pricing above. A receipt will be provided upon request, at the point of sale to show the total tax paid.

Adopted by Meridian Library District Board of Trustees March 17, 2016

Revised and Board Approved January 19, 2024

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