Orchard Park

Project Status

The Meridian Library District will be a long-term tenant in a 15,000-square-foot library space within the Orchard Park commercial development. The lease was approved June 15, 2020. The library's plans for the building interior are complete. We collected public input on the library design via online survey and forums in summer 2020. 

Construction began in summer 2021, and the Orchard Park developers have completed the library exterior. The Meridian Library District's tenant improvements began in late March 2022. 

The overall project schedule for the Orchard Park development has been delayed. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected some of the developers’ review and permitting timelines, slowed access to materials, and impacted labor. The developers have also adjusted plans for the Orchard Park plaza, which includes retail and outdoor space in addition to the library branch.

Page last updated April 2022