American Girl kit : Kirsten.

American girl doll, sleeping bag, hairbrush


Doll and Clothing:

1 doll, 1 blue flower print dress, 1 pair eyelet bloomers, 1 pair (2) striped socks, 1 pair (2) brown leather booties, 1 red/white striped apron, 1 red/white gingham bonnet, 1 blue/red/white embroidered purse, 1 white embroidered handkerchief, 1 gold glass heart necklace, 2 blue hair ties,

Carrying case:

1 hairbrush, 1 pink case, sleeping bag, 1 book (Meet Kirsten), 1 journal.

No holds. Available on a first-come, first served basis. Click the "Check It Out" link above to check availability in the library catalog.