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Craft to Give Back

In 2022, Meridian Library launched Craft to Give Back volunteer series. The first project was to create fidget quilts for the senior living communities in Meridian.

We engaged volunteers to sew fidget quilts, lap-sized blankets that provide tactile stimulation and calming activities for people experiencing challenges with cognitive change or dementia.

Quilt supplies were made possible by Project Neighborly and the Idaho Community Foundation. Volunteers also used their own supplies. Sensory items included materials of varying textures, such as zippers, buttons, ribbons, beads, and pom-poms.

This project concluded in October 2022. We are currently working to develop more Craft to Give Back opportunities! 

Questions? Please email us!

quilted fabric with zippers, pockets, laces and other activities
quilted fabric with buckles, buttons, laces
quilted fabric with zippers, pockets, laces and other activities

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