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What safety measures is the Meridian Library District taking as it reintroduces services?

The safety of our staff and patrons remains our top concern. Current safety measures include: 

  • Requiring all staff members and patrons to wear face masks or face coverings in the building, and providing masks to those who do not have them. 

  • Requiring that patrons sanitize their hands before coming in our buildings to access services. 

  • Limiting the number of patrons and staff members in our buildings, and enforcing social distancing at all times. Staff members and patrons are separated by acrylic barriers at help desks.

  • Quarantining returned materials for a week before processing them and returning them to circulation. Though the consensus among researchers is that the virus is largely transmitted through the air rather than from materials, we are still taking this precaution because we have less control over the environment in which those materials were used.

  • Increasing the distance between computer lab stations, and sanitizing stations regularly.