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Staff Picks

Library staff are book lovers, too! While staff love to talk about books anytime, here we have a few featured staff members who have shared some of their favorites. Check out their reading profiles to see if someone's tastes match your own, then click the link to find a list of their top titles. 

Emily's Picks

Emily sits in a chair reading a book, with a cat in her lap.Emily reads in a variety of categories, but mostly finds herself drawn to stories about courageous women. She loves to live vicariously through books, which is why many of her favorites take place in another place, another time, or an outside perspective. Emily's selections range from action/adventure fiction to moving memoir to adrenaline pumping nonfiction.

Check out one of Emily's picks today!

Israel's Picks

Israel sits at a table with a black cat in his lap, reading a book.Israel really enjoys reading biographies and memoirs. He also enjoys browsing the audiobooks available on the Hoopla and Libby apps.

See what Israel suggests and have a great read - or listen!

Korena's Picks

Photo of Korena holding up a Lego constructionKorena tends to read young adult fiction and graphic novels. She loves exploring new worlds and is a sucker for a good coming of age story.

Take a look at Korena's recommendations and find a new world!

Mariah's Picks

Mariah is sitting in front of a book shelf in the library.Mariah likes to read funny and lighthearted non-fiction, especially works by or about favorite comedians and musicians. She also dabbles in graphic novels, biographies and self-help.

See some of Mariah's favorites and find your next great read!

Yuki's Picks

Yuki stands near a river with fall foliage in the background.Yuki likes to read books whose characters are insightful, philosophical, and irreverently observant of the human experience. She also loves books that make her laugh. She often reads historical fiction, self-help, and memoirs.

Browse Yuki's list to find something new and different!