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Presenting Diane Raptosh!

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Writing FLASH! with Diane Raptosh

Got five minutes? Great. You have everything you need to write a short work of fiction and be part of a rising literary genre called “flash,” in which stories are told within roughly 100 to 1,000 words. The primary allure of this genre is that it can affect a reader in a shorter space. And it doesn’t take anywhere near as long to write as it does to finish a memoir, or for that matter a 10-page work of nonfiction. In both its compression and its attention to language, flash is very much akin to poetry. Which is what your humble rectangle of words might turn into. Or perhaps even a tiny, finely realized essay. We will look at some works by master flash artists, noting how they use and distill many of the basic techniques of all the genres. And then we will get down to the very big business of writing small!

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