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Meridian Library District requires all library staff, volunteers and Trustees to observe a high standard of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. It is the responsibility of all directors, officers and employees to report violations of the law or applicable rule or regulation or suspected violations in accordance with this Whistleblower Policy and in accordance with Idaho Statute § 6-2104 (Protection of Public Employees). A copy of this policy shall be distributed to all Trustees, employees, and volunteers who provide substantial services to the District.


Any action by a District employee or Trustee that (a) is undertaken in the performance of their official duties, and (b) is in violation of any law or applicable rule or regulation, and may constitute one or all of the following: an abuse of authority, a substantial and specific danger to the public health, safety and welfare and a waste of public funds, property or personnel resources.


If an employee or volunteer has a reasonable belief that an employee, volunteer or Trustee of Meridian Library District has engaged in any action that violates any applicable law, rule or regulation, including without limitation, those concerning accounting and auditing, or constitutes a fraudulent practice, or a conflict-of-interest, the employee is expected to immediately report such information to the Library Director. If the employee does not feel comfortable reporting the information to the Director, he or she is expected to report the information to Human Resources.

All reports will be followed up promptly and an investigation will be conducted. In conducting its investigations, Meridian Library District will strive to keep the identity of the complaining individual confidential whenever reasonably possible, while conducting an adequate review and investigation. After the investigation has been completed, the employee reporting the improper governmental action shall be advised of a summary of the results of the investigation, except that personnel actions taken as a result of the investigation may be kept confidential.

Anyone filing a complaint concerning a violation or suspected violation must be acting in good faith and have reasonable basis in fact for believing the information disclosed indicates a violation. Any allegations which prove to have been made maliciously or where the employee knew or should have known that the information reported or provided is false or frivolous will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense.


No trustee, officer or employee who in good faith reports a violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment consequence due to said report. This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns within Meridian Library District prior to seeking resolution outside Meridian Library District. Meridian Library District may take disciplinary action (up to and including termination) against an employee who in management’s assessment has engaged in retaliatory conduct in violation of this policy. In addition, Meridian Library District will not, with the intent to retaliate, take any action harmful to any employee who has provided to law enforcement personnel or a court truthful information in good faith relating to the commission or possible commission by Meridian Library District or any of its employees of a violation of any applicable law, rule or regulation. Supervisors will be trained on this policy and Meridian Library District’s prohibition against retaliation in accordance with this policy.

Approved by Meridian Library District Board of Trustees July 15, 2015

Revised May 19, 2021

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