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Kits, Devices, and Objects

Early Learning

For ages 0-4. Foster early learning with books, games, toys, and more, in a variety of themes.

American Girl

Check out an American Girl Doll kit, read her or his story and let imaginative play begin. 

Care & Wellness

Resources and tools to help navigate health challenges and improve wellness.

Kindergarten Kits

Check out one of our kits to work on academic and social-emotional skills to be ready for kindergarten

Culture Kits

Hands-on learning kits highlighting cultures from near and far with books, DVDs, toys and more.

Rascal Reader

For ages 5-8. Kits include 5 books and a Rascal puppet with a variety of fun themes in 5 reading levels.

Digital Devices

Find cameras, presentation tools, recording equipment, wireless hotspots and more. 

Theme Kits

What are your favorite characters up to? Read along on their latest adventures.

Games & Puzzles

Check out games & puzzles on a first-come first-served basis from either Cherry Lane or Silverstone.