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Information A La Carte

Is the health information you find online reliable?

How do you avoid online scams?

Can you trust your news source?

We have the answers.

Choose from our menu and book one of our experts to present to your organization or staff meeting. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and can be adapted for any audience at your location.  

Health Information: Decipher whether the health information you find online is reliable or just snake oil.

Homework Help: Help your kids find the kind of online sources that will make their report shine and keep their teachers happy.

Deciphering News: Learn how to judge whether the news you see is slanted, unreliable or just plain fake.

Digital Privacy: Keep your personal information private on the wide web, control your social media accounts, and deter online tracking.

Smart Consumer: Learn how to buy smart online, find unbiased reviews and make confident choices.