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Be A Book in The Human Library

Sometimes the root of understanding one another's stories is getting answers to the difficult questions and during The Human Library™ those questions are expected, appreciated and answered. This event is meant to challenge the labels we put on others by participating in this unique reading experience; where real people are on loan as "books". "Readers" are given a positive framework for 20-30 minute conversation to connect, inquire and challenge stereotypes and prejudices that separate us.

This year's Human Library will be a feature of Storyfort during Treefort Music Festat the Owhyee Tavern. Books will be on loan 3-7 pm on Friday, March 22nd and 1-5 pm on Saturday, March 23rd. 

Interested in being a book? Fill out this applicaton and we'll contact you with more information. 

Will you commit to one training session in February?
Which day of the week works best for you? Check all that apply.
What time of day works best for you?
Please tell us about your experience involving a stigma, stereotype or prejudice.
Why would you like to become a human book for this event?
What experience do you have talking to people about stigma, stereotype or prejudice? Please tell us about it.
How do you respond to challenging questions or sensitive topics?
If you were a book what title would you select for yourself?
What questions do you have about The Human Library?