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Crosswalk coming to Cherry Lane

You've probably noticed construction outside our main branch in recent weeks. The Ada County Highway District is installing a HAWK system, which is essentially two crosswalks with traffic signals meeting in an enclosed center lane. Pedestrians will cross one side of the street at a time, waiting in the center for the traffic light to change. The project is expected to be complete later this month! 

We are very excited about this much-needed safety improvement. With many young pedestrians from Meridian Middle School crossing this busy street, we have seen far too many near-misses and even a hospitalization in recent years. 

The new crosswalk will slightly change traffic flow out of our parking lot. From 3-6 pm, drivers will only be able to exit with a right hand turn. We realize this will create an inconvenience for some drivers, but it is an important safety measure. With room for only one car to wait in the center lane, left turns will be a hazard during rush hour. 

In addition to the crosswalks, ACHD is installing an ADA-accessible ramp from the library's property to Cherry Lane!