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Authors in the Lobby: Rachel Eernisee and Laura Aldridge

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Program Type: Read, Write, Talk

Rachel Eernisse loves to write and read. She has many ideas still waiting for their chance to find their way into a book. She finds inspiration for her stories and poems from her faith and true events in her life. Rachel lives with her loving husband, happy baby girl, and goofy dog in Nampa, Idaho.


Laura Aldridge recently published her first book, "The Lonely Pig" in December of 2016. It was written for her niece and nephew who, at the time, was living overseas as part of a military family. Laura wanted to write a short story that teaches children the importance of friendship without judgment that may be based on appearances. Laura, her husband Brian, and their two potbelly pigs Ellie Mae and Annabelle live in Nampa, Idaho