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2019 Finalists

WINNER: Arcatraissa by Lacy Sheridan


Cassie has never believed in magic. Whatever her ailing aunt claims, and whatever Cassie wants to believe, fairies aren't real. The old storybook is just a storybook, and the whispering in the garden is just the wind. Tae has spent all his life watching children grow up and stop believing in magic. Every companion he's ever had, lost to the human world. All but one. When Tae and Cassie's worlds collide, both are instantly enchanted. Swept away to the magic of the faery world, Cassie thinks she's living a dream. But with the kingdom on the edge of disaster and the shadow of her aunt's illness hanging over her family, what begins as a fairytale quickly becomes complicated. Maybe deadly.

A Backpack, a Eurorail Pass, and Some Serious Baggage by Jennie Withers


The rules are simple: 1)Be Worldly 2) No Guilt! 3) Discover the perfect pint of ale. Travelers, like writers, believe in the power of setting. Jen thinks of traveling Europe with fellow Mormon, Jeanne, and an Alaska Native named Bert, as an escape from her conservative upbringing and the pressures of conforming to a religion she does not believe in. The change of setting and culture allows Jen to have a raucous, guilt-free experience with her boisterous, silly, and hilarious friends.


Jedidiah The Donor Dog Hero by Eva Bailey


In today's culture , many people have at least one dog in their homes. They become important members of the family.  When their dog is injured or ill, they seek treatment .  Many times this treatment requires a life saving blood transfusion. Thanks to the K9 Blood Donor Heroes like Jedidiah, their pets can receive a blood transfusion and be happily returned to their families.  This book helps readers of all ages to understand this procedure. And remember, humans are not the only creatures who may need a blood transfusion.