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Volunteering at Meridian Library

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Meridian Library District - Volunteer Policy

Approved by the Meridian Library District Board of Trustees on June 11, 2013

The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to support the mission of the Meridian Library District. The Meridian Library District will utilize the services of interested volunteers to supplement work done by library staff but not replace employees.

Definition of a Volunteer

A volunteer is an individual who contributes, time, energy, and talents directly on behalf of the Meridian Library District without payment by library funds. All volunteers act in accordance with the policies of the library.

How to Become a Volunteer

All volunteers are required to fill out a Volunteer Application Form which will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications in relation to the needs of the library at any given time. If selected, volunteers will be contacted for an interview and may be subject to a background check.  

Volunteers under 18 years of age must also submit have signed consent from a parent or legal guardian.

Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteers will:

  • Be expected to wear volunteer name tags.
  • Work a schedule as arranged by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Work in assigned areas only.
  • Be expected to notify the appropriate Volunteer Coordinator or Supervisor if unable to volunteer at the regular time.
  • Be required to direct any customer questions or enquiries to library staff.

The Volunteer Policy is not a contract between the volunteer and the Meridian Library District. Both the volunteer and the Meridian Public Library have the right to terminate the volunteer’s association with the library at any time, for any reason, with or without cause.

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