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Board of Trustees

Meridian Library District Board of Trustees

Library Board of Trustees



Ada County Elections conducted an election for two six-year term seats on the Meridian Library Board of Trustees on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. The results (unofficial as of 5/20/15) are as follows:

  • Howard J Little . . . . . . . . 592 (total votes) 33.67 (%)
  • Dustin D. Barrett. . . . . . . . 613 (total votes) 34.87 (%)
  • Kevin Pfleger . . . . . . . . . 553 (total votes) 31.46 (%)


The Meridian Library Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., in the large conference room at the District's main facility at 1326 W. Cherry Lane. Board meetings are open to the public. Please contact the Library 24 hours prior to the meeting if you need special accommodation.

The Library Board follows all laws and rules as set forth in the Idaho Code for Libraries.

Library Board of Trustees:

Megan Larsen - Chair
Term ends 2015*

Megan joined the Board of Trustees in January 2014.  Megan is currently Director of Operations at Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) and holds a Masters of Public Administration from Boise State University and a Bachelors of Science in Accountancy from Arizona State University, plus more than 17 years professional experience in the public and nonprofit sectors. She and her family have benefitted so much from Meridian Library, as well as the larger Meridian community, that she wanted to do her part to make sure that her fellow community members could enjoy those benefits too.

Dawn Bruck - Vice Chair (Resigned April 2015, seat filled in May Trustee Election)
Term ends 2015

Dawn is a life-long resident of Idaho, retired Meridian school teacher, and a Meridian Library Trustee for 8 years. Public libraries have always played an important role in her family's life and says about being a trustee, “It has been a privilege to give something back to our community in this small way.”


Dee Campbell - Treasurer
Term ends 2019

Dee has been a Meridian resident for 24 years and she has been on the library Board since 1998. She became a member of the board primarily to “repay the library, in some small part, for all the enjoyment my family had experienced over the previous years.”

Howard Little - Trustee
Term ends 2015

Howard Little is the longest standing Trustee on the Board, having served for 20 years and counting. He is a retired agronomist and has raised his family in the 42 years he has lived here in Meridian.

Robert Everett - Trustee
Term ends 2015*

Robert joined the Meridian Library Board in July 2014. He is currently a regulatory analyst for Idaho Power, and has had a long career in financial management. One of his earliest jobs was as a page for a public library in Los Angeles. His interest in serving on the Board is driven by his belief that “it would be a great opportunity to have a positive impact in our city, and would also be a positive example to my family and friends of serving others within our community.”

Gretchen Caserotti - Library Director

Gretchen serves as the secretary to the Board.

*Megan Larsen and Robert Everett have been appointed to fill vacancies. Idaho Code 33-504 stipulates that appointees must stand for election to fill the remainder of the term. No petitions for candidacy were filed for their seats (uncontested) and therefore did not appear on the May election ballot. 


The Board will meet Wednesday, March 18, at 7:00 p.m. at the Cherry Lane library.

Contact the Library Board.

Meridian Library Board By-Laws.

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