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Summer Reading at Meridian Library District

Summer Reading starts June 1st at all Meridian Library District locations. Your entire family can earn prizes all summer long for reading and attending programs.

Click here to start your Great Reading Adventure! 

Animal Super Heroes

Kelly Milner Halls is the author of several books about real animal rescues and we are thrilled to bring her to our library. Join us on Tuesday, July 28th at 11:00AM at our Cherry Lane location or 1:15PM at Barbara Morgan STEM Academy (with the bookmobile) as we hear fascinating tales about aniamls saving humans from disaster! Recommended ages 6-12. To sign up for the Cherry Lane program or for more information, click here. 

Learn a New Language!

Traveling this summer?  Want to learn a new language?  Try our language learning service at Pronunciator, with over 80 languages to choose from. Each language has a minimum of 1,500 phrases, and a maximum of 10,000. Get started today by clicking here. 

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